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Why Join?
Don't have an account? Why don't you register now for free?
By registering you can:

* Add your listing
* Add reviews for breeders
* Add links to your favorites for easy reference
* Subscribe to categories so you will receive an email whenever a new breeder is added.
* & much more!

Sponsored Listings
Anyone can add a listing to our Reviews Directory for free, however, you are welcome to upgrade to a Sponsored Listing. All sponsored listings are placed at the top of each category and will allow you to add a logo and one additional picture. You can change that picture as often as you like from your profile section. The cost to upgrade your listing is $15 a year. Click the logo below to upgrade. Then send an email to with your site ID or Link URL.

Graphic button ads are rotated on the top Right-hand side of our site. The cost to add your button graphic link to our rotation is $50 a year. The graphic can be 130 px wide by 100 pixels high or smaller. Send your graphic to and click the link below to pay:

Referral Program
To join our referral program add this link to your website:

Be sure to change username to your actual user name! Sites are listed by the number of stars they have received. We award all referrals by putting your links at a higher place, by this simple formula:
1 referral point will be the same as one star on your link.
So if you didn't have any star ratings yet but referred 5 people to join your listing would be displayed as if you have a 5 star rating.

Review Rules
We know that you can't please everybody and it is inevitable that some bad reviews will be placed. Please be sure to follow these rules when reviewing a breeder:

* You must have done business with this breeder.
* Your review should be a short description of your experiences.
* Negative reviews should cover facts only.

We will not allow reviews with harsh words such as "terrible breeder", "do not use this breeder", or "wish I hadn't met this breeder", etc.

All reviews must be approved before they are posted on the site and anonymous reviews are not allowed. Only members can place reviews.

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