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to our new breeder reviews site! Read over our Rules & FAQ to better understand how our site works.
For years people have been asking us to add a chinchilla breeder review section to our site and after dragging our feet we finally got around to adding it!  We hope you will enjoy this new feature.  Its works as both a Chinchilla Breeder Directory and a Chinchilla Breeder Review.  Visitors can rate chinchilla breeders and their sites with 1-5 stars.  Members can write reviews about other breeders they have purchased chinchillas from.  Membership is free and all reviews will be screened to insure they comply with our rules.  Members can also subscribe to state categories so they will receive an email whenever a new breeder is added. 

If you sign up to be listed on our new site please remember to add a box to your website so your visitors can rate you with stars.  Breeders with higher stars are placed higher in their state category. You can find information on how to do that by clicking the "Rate Box" link in the tan menu below.

Friday, October-13-2006

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